Why should you consider an SSD?

This process involves changing your existing hard drive with a Solid State Drive.

SSDs are suitable for most PCs, laptops, and pre-2013 Apple Macs with mechanical hard drives, although, as Apple machines are more difficult to work on, the cost is £100 higher than shown on the left.

In most cases we can clone your existing drive so that you will see exactly the programs and files that you did before. The only difference will be SPEED!


If your hard drive cloning fails we will discuss alternatives with you.


The advantages are numerous;

It increases the speed of the operating system- Windows can load in 12 seconds!

It makes multi-tasking very much quicker

An SSD has no moving parts- so more energy efficient and less heat generated

Less noise- the SSD is silent and the fans run slower in the cooling system

Increased reliability- no moving parts!



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