What We Can Do For You...

We can chat about computers at any time, plus:

Home/ Office Calls

Pre-Booked calls to your office or home. Make a booking via Facebook. There is a non-refundable up-front charge of £45 of which £25 is a credit towards any final cost.

New Builds

Specifically designed to meet your needs- lots of storage for your business or lots of graphic power for a gamer!

Data Recovery

Not just copying files- that's a normal part of the job.. It can take 5 or 6 DAYS to extract all possible data from a crashed hard disk... but vital if you depend on the data of course.

Screen Repair

We replace broken screens on laptops. Many are kept in stock for a 'while you wait' service (extra charge.) We do not replace phone or tablet screens because we won't lower our standards to get these sales.

Upgrades to PC or Laptop

Running out of hard disc space? Would you like a laptop that boots in 12 seconds? How about more RAM and a solid-state drive in your PC? How about replacing your DVD drive with a second hard disc?

Virus Removal

We know that sudden unexpected behaviour of your computer can cause panic... the best advice that we can give is to SWITCH IT OFF at the mains and bring it to us. We will clone your hard disk and only then start work. We have never used the IT shop cop-out- "Sorry- we had to wipe it!".


We are a Sunderland College partner and help to train their students for real life. We can also train you in real-life use of your computer. One hour lessons in your home.

Advice & Support

It costs nothing to have a chat! But it might not always be a good time if we are snowed under with repairs- so please be understanding at busy times.



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