We love to get them into the workshop... and make them even better! This pre-loved HP PC was already a decent machine with an i3 processor and 8gB of RAM. We have replaced the hard drive with a 120gB solid state drive AND then fitted a 1TB hard drive as well! Then we have confirgured Windows 10 Home to use the hard drive for your data.


This means that Windows boots like lightning (see the video!) but there is plenty of room for all your pictures, videos and homework!


This lovely machine is very good condition for it's age (insert joke here....) and even has wireless built in. A total of 8 USB slots and a SD card slot. What more do you want? Oh- and free transfer of your stuff from your old machine if you would like it!

Refurbished HP Pavilion 500

  • Intel Core i3-4130 4.3GHz processor

    8gB RAM

    120gB Solid state drive

    1TB hard disk

    8x USB/ VGA/ DVI

    Windows 10 Home 20H2 - genuine and fully licensed

    Wireless built in

    DVD/ CD RW