This sort of bargain does not come along very often! This is ideal for an enthusiastic starter who is keen to game whilst saving up for upgrades. This machine is built from quality parts with very many options open for upgrades. The case itself is nearly new. The oldest component is the graphics card (GPU) which as a Radeon R9 200 series. Even that still achieves 61fps at 1920x1080 resolution- fine for the medium settings of modern games.


Once the budget allows the GPU can be upgraded. We have even included a GPU brace for very large cards!


The CPU is an AMD Ryzen 5 2600. 


We have included some starter gaming accessories- headphones, keyboard and mouse from the Marvo Scorpion range. Lots of colour changing going on!


The case has 3 front and one rear fan all colour synchronised. Colours can be changed using the button on the front panel and seen clearly through the solid tempered glass side panel.


There are 2 USB3 slots, 2 UBS2 slots and headphone/ microphone sockets on the front panel alongside the colour sync, reset and power buttons.


The motherboard is a MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus so on the rear are lots of sockets! USB3 x 7, USB2 x 2 (For keyboard/ mouse), USBC, Ethernet.... see the pictures!


Inside we have fitted a 120gB solid state M.2 drive for Windows 10 Professional 64bit to live on. Then 2 x 1TB Seagate hard drive set up in a mirrored array for your data.


So all you need to get gaming is a monitor- and for that this machine has HDMI, DVI and 2 mini displayport connections.


We will deliver free within our Washington/ Sunderland/ Durham City area. Contact us via the 'contact' page or facebook messenger for any further information.



Refurbished Gaming Monster PC!

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