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Windows 11 Primer

After years of assuring us that Windows 10 is the last ever version of Windows.... Windows 11 has been announced!

We will try to keep you up to date with developments here...

All of the backgrounds below are Windows 11 desktop images.

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Released on October 5th 2021.

Your computer will tell you when the upgrade is ready.

Most machines made in the past 3 years will be fine and many dating from before that also.

Any machine built by us in the past 3 years is ready.

Windows 10 support ceases in 2025.

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The computer processor must be 1GHz or higher and have 2 or more cores

RAM at least 4gB but 8gB preferable

PC UEFI and secure boot

TPM( Trusted Platform Module) must be installed

Click here to check if your CPU is Windows 11 compatible;

Intel here

AMD here

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How do i check?

To check your machine do this;

Right-click on start button

Select 'system' with a left click

This will tell you the processor, RAM and current version of Windows that your machine is using.

Even easier is to click the link below. This will take you to Microsoft where you can download a small 'PC Health Check ' app that will check for you.

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Of course we can help!

Our first bit of advice is to wait for 3 months- ie. 2022. Always wait for new releases to settle down!

If Windows 11 refuses to install or something goes wrong just contact us- via messenger, email or telephone.

Click the button below to send us a message!