Apple iMac & MacBook Repairs

Your Apple product is beautiful and normally trouble-free. Things can go wrong sometimes, though, and that is where we can help!

Our expertise has developed over the years and we now even have a specialist technician who loves Apple as much as you do.We can repair. We can upgrade. We can reinstall. We can repair faulty components on logic boards when the Apple Genius Bar tell you that your only option is a £2,000 replacement...

Rachel Butler  5 Stars

"Absolutely fab service from Mike at Sunderland Computer Repairs! Took my MacBook in there after being quoted almost £250 by Apple for a repair. Mike knew straight away what was wrong with it and quoted me £114. Took it in on the Friday and it was ready to pick up on the Monday morning! Mike also ordered some new rubber feet for my MacBook and put them on for me free of charge! Would recommend to everyone. Very friendly, quick and efficient service!"

Bob Ratcliffe  5 Stars

"I have been using Macs for over 30 years and have rarely had any problems with them. When I have had a problem, I have always managed to sort it using something like DiskWarrior or Drive Genius. This time I was totally lost, my MacMini would not boot up, the apple logo got so far and then a spinning wheel (not the beach ball of death). I managed to check out the drive using target mode from another Mac and it said the drive was ok, but still no joy. I took it into Sunderland Computer Repairs where their Apple Technician, Kenan Nayir, took a look at it. He thought my problem was quite unique and I left it with him, in the hope he could fix it. The next day I was emailed to say it was indeed fixable and a new hard drive would be needed. He changed the hard drive and migrated all of my data! I picked it up within a couple of days of dropping it off and walked away a very delighted customer. I can only thoroughly recommend Sunderland Computer Repairs, they do not rip you off and do a first class job. Well done lads, I will certainly use you again if there is indeed a next time!"


iMac Repairs

iMacs suffer from hard disc failure, fan failure and graphics card issues. We can deal with all of these and more! We can inspect and replace components at logic board level.

New PC.png

MacBook Repairs

MacBooks suffer from snapped hard disk cables, exploding batteries and broken displays to name but a few issues- all of which we can mend economically and efficiently.


Data Recovery

If you haven't got an up to date Time-machine backup and the hard disc fails... we may well be able to recover those vital files


iMac and MacBook Screen replacement

It is such a long and involved process to change the glass on a MacBook screen that it is less expensive to change the entire lid! We also change cracked iMac screen covers


Upgrades to MacBooks and iMacs

We can replace your hard disc with a solid state drive, reinstalling iOS if necessary. Upgrade your iMac's RAM. 


Virus Removal

Yes- Apple computers DO get viruses! Our best advice is for you to always have a current time-machine backup, but if you DO fall foul... bring it to us!


iMac Graphic Boards

iMac graphic boards are famous for failing- sometimes they need replacing, sometimes re-balling. We can advise and fix.


The mysterious flashing folder icon..

..which means that your Apple computer cannot find its operating system... ouch! 

Usually a hardware issue and we can solve it for a lot less than you were told by the Apple dealer!


Windows/ Boot Camp

The picture above shows an iMac 27" running Windows 10. We can install and configure this for you if you fancy a dual-boot system with iOS